Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thankful Delicious

You! Hellou!!  Callie Delicious here.
Last week here in the USA humans celebrated Thanksgiving.
Here’s a few reasons why I’m a privileged pup full of love and thankfulness...
First up, my sister Minnie Delicious a constant companion.
Through thick,
And thin.
She’s so full of personality awake…
or asleep, she's always making be smile.
Next up, Honey Man who rescued us from a life on the streets,
And loves us no matter what our selfies are up to.
Of course, I can’t forget Queenie who has always believed in me to be the best dog ever,
And lets us be Velcro dogs,
Even in her studios.
Last but not least,
I’m thankful for our backyard kingdom
Where the Bougainvillea bloom bright and Delicious delight.

Until next time…
Big furry love and lots of doggy kisses,
Callie Delicious


Jennifer said...

You puppies are the sweetest and luckiest little fur humans!

Carole Reid said...

Best friends forever!
Cute little velcro dogs.
xo Carole

Ivory Spring said...

Those feathers made me swoon!!! Gorgeous quilting.

Michele said...

oh boy does this make me smile! xo

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