Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cure for Fireworks

You helllou, Delicious here!
Today we're standing (actually, pretty sitting) in solidarity with this wee girlish in staving off the fear of fireworks.  The parental units (Queenie and HoneyMan) showed us this faboo YouTube knowing we could relate...
Was that cute or WHAT!!  Made our tails wag!!!

Until next time from the backyard kingdom…
Many doggy kisses and big furry love,
The Delicious

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Word Wednesday – Reflect

Queenie has found it a good and healthy practice to strive toward the positive. One thing that helps is to purposely look for beauty and whimsy in the mundane. In Arizona we are in the last throws of the monsoon end of summer… Heat and humidity steam rolling on and a constant cascade of sweat making it a challenge to walk in a positive light.  Last evening, while in line at the drive through at our favorite Mom and Pop Mexican food place, I spied a wonderful sunset in my side rearview.
As the line was long and the wait long too (for great Mexican food cannot be rushed) Queenie got out her trusty smart phone and had a little impromptu photo session.
The review mirror reflecting the magnificence of the glories shining through the clouds the star of the show.  
I’ve notice of late a neighborhood cat has taken to tiptoeing across the top of Bruce (my auto); padding along the roof, sliding down the front windshield and dashing down the hood of the car.
This morning Queenie tried to capture the cute little tippy toe prints of the trespassing kitty but instead
Captured the beautiful blue Arizona sky.

Until next time.
Have a great day!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ribbons at the County Fair

Big congratulations to the Queenie Mother!!!
Her lovely quilt won a 3rd place ribbon

At the Fulton County Fair in beautiful Ohio!

And! Her Christmas quilt won a 2nd place ribbon

(As you may recall, I quilted these lovelies with Sir Owen the Innova.)
Yay! And Hurray!!! For the Queenie Mother!!!
Pssst… Not only did she win these ribbons but she also won ribbons for all of her embroidery and ceramic submissions too!!
Queenie’s hoping some snaps from the fair will be coming soon. *hint-hint*

Next up on Sir Owen is Queenie Mother’s exotic rainbow quilt...

A quilt the Queenie Mother designed around a lovely charm pack of batik fabrics.

A charm pack is a collection of 5 ½” squares of fabric, usually from the same fabric line.  I’m filling each square with a kind of leaf meets a halved papaya motif.

Each charm square is surrounded with sashing of lavender foiled with gold,

Which Queenie is filling with an interlocking square motif I’ve dubbed “keys”.

I’m using Aurifil cotton thread throughout with gold on the top and brown on the bottom

The backing fabric is a lovely teal batik with brown pottery images… yummy!

The quilt is framed with a pink and...

A purple boarder that I’ve quilted with undulating strings of sumptuous feathers.

A delicious feast for the eyes our Queenie Mother's exotic rainbow quilt shall be!

Queenie’s in the home stretch so more snaps to come upon completion.

Until next time.
Have a great day!

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