Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of August

You! Hellouuuuu!  Callie Delicious here!

It’s hard to believe that here we are at the end of August already, wow!  Seems like yesterday Minnie was blathering on about being groomed just this past spring.  Well, here she is all anxious in the backseat of the Bruce (Mama’s auto) as we travel to the groomer for our late summer grooming extravaganza.  Also known as the Monsoon make-over.

You will notice I’m all relaxed enjoying the car ride.
One cool thing about the end of August in Arizona is the beautiful skies that favor us in monsoon season.

Mama capture this double rainbow from the car just last night!  

Another cool thing is the purple flowers in our backyard kingdom join us.

For the whole month it seems.

In the front, Papa’s birthday flowers continue to bloom from June right on through… Hmmm… Don’t know, maybe forever -BOL-

Here’s a quick snap of Minnie post grooming. You can see how pretty she is even though she’s giving Mama the cold shoulder for photos. Silly Delicious! 

Mom’s been hard at work with Sir Owen the Innova creating loveliness.

Next up is this quilt top created by the best doggy grandma ever, the Queenie Mother!

Me and Minnie enjoy watching Mama and Sir Owen even though we sometimes fall asleep for doggy naps and I’ve been known to rip off some good ole time snores -BOL- I slay me!!!

Until next time…
Big furry love and doggy kisses!
Callie Delicious

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curtain Call: Quilty Flowers Peeking Through

Who is that charmingly, chubby woman in green talking with her hands…
Ha! That would be Queenie doing a little show and tell at Saturday’s meeting of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild.
This was my first time to a meeting and was a wee nervous…
I was brave, went out on a limb and brought my latest finish for the group’s show-and-tell.  I had a lovely time with a great bunch of quilting folks. (Silly Queenie for being nervous)
Now it’s time to show and tell with you… 
Quilty Flowers Peeking Through is made with a pattern called Fresh Connections from the Windham Fabrics website.  Pssst... Its a free pattern, quite easy to piece (intermediate level), and packs a visual punch. 
The majority of the fabrics are lovely Civil War reproduction fabrics I purchased at a local quilt shop called 3 Dudes Quilting.
I really like all the interlaced squares.
A sort of garden lattice with a bit of an M.C. Esher influence…
Which lent itself to a bumper crop of quilty flowers peeking in and all about. (Click on any of the photos for up-close viewing)
Next up on my Innova long arm quilting machine are two wee seasonal wall quilts beautifully pieced by the awesome Queenie Mother.
April Showers, which I quilted with blustery Pooh Bear corner wind and rain drops in blue varigated thread…
And, May Flowers which I quilted with fun sunflower seed centers, quilty flowers and leaf-like filler.
Queenie’s been thinking of late, that she really needs to name her Innova longarm quilting machine…
He’s definitely a boy… very gentlemanly… always dependable... 
I’m leaning toward the name “Owen”... Your thoughts?
What name do you think would be good for my dream machine?

Until next time…
Have a great day!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Curtain Call - Bohemian Ballerina

Stick a fork in it…
And call Bohemian Ballerina done…
Queenie experimented with an all-in-one flanged boarder
Me thinks it works well with this eclectic Bohemian Ballerina.
Quilt stats: Pattern - Ballerina from Jaybird Quilts; Fabric - 2 Batik fat quarter bundles from 3 Dudes Quilting. (Click on each name to learn more about this wonderful designer and awesome quilt shop.)
Next up on the Innova...
Quilty flowers peeking through lattice.
I hope August finds you well and full of summer time promise!

Until next time…
Have a great day!

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