Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kingdom Doings

You Hellou!  Minnie Delicious here!
Our beloved Queenie is battling allergy illness and simply not of a mind to post to the blog-o-sphere.  Sooooo, I’m picking up the slack and reporting to you from the backyard kingdom
Rest assured her Queenieness is on the mend after investing in Kleenex stock - liberally watered with Canada Dry ginger ale.

In other news…
The Christmas cactus is putting forth beautiful pale pink blossoms just in time for Christmas.
This will be the 2nd year in a row it’s made such a grand appearance.

In the studios our paw paw, Honey Man is trying his hand at quilting with Sir Owen the Innova.
And, Queenie is squirreled away creating loveliness for the next quilt to dance with Sir Owen.
As one of the two pampered pooches in Queenie’s Kingdom, life is pretty much perfect but given the chance…
This would be on our dog dog wish list! BOL!!!

Until next time…
Merry Christmas!!
Big furry love and lots of doggy kisses!!!
Minnie Delicious


Jennifer said...

Happy happy happy the Queenie kingdom is peaceful and happy at this festive time, and that the pups are having a good holiday season! Love to you and Callie, and your humans too!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Haha my Husband is always playing with the long arm too - pretending though, he's yet to actually sew on it!! LOL

Linda Wildenstein said...

Happy, Merry everything Ms. Queenie to you and yours. Oma Linda

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