Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall 2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival-Part II

Welcome intrepid travelers from Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival and regular visitor’s to Queenie’s wee blog.
Amy graciously allows each person to enter 2 quilts per show and this is my second, a quilted pillow top called “Wonky Dice” which I’m entering in the Doll/Mini Quilt category.  Please click on any and all photos for an up-close view.
Oh, about a month or so ago I took a workshop from the extremely talented Sharon Schamber and learned her amazing Piec-lique technique which makes complex and curved piecing very approachable.  The next day I adventured (as Queenie has been known to do) with this newly learned technique and created this fun little wonky dice block.
I then snuggled it next to another project on Sir Owen the Innova for some quick quilting of bubbly pebbles.
I added extra batting/trapunto to the round pieced shapes creating a  petite pillow for each.
I finished Wonky Dice with a flanged binding and a lapped back for easy insertion of a pillow form.
Quilt Stats:
Size: 18” x 18”
Fabric: Various and assorted from the vast Queenie stash
Quilting: Hand guided custom quilting, 40 weight polly thread
Batting: 80/20
Please click here to see my other quilt in the festival “Arabian Nights”
A hardy round of applause, standing ovation and many thanks to Amy for another outstanding Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  Please click here to see other beautiful quilts… and… pssst* vote for me starting November 1 ;o)

Until next time,
Have a great day!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vigilant in the Backyard Kingdom

In Arizona we are in that glorious time of year when the back of monsoon triple digit, humidity is finally broken. This weekend saw temps in the high 80sF, dry and crystal clear blue skies. Perfect weather for seeding the Delicious’s Backyard Kingdom.  You see, Arizona has two seasons for grass and we are quickly approaching the winter rye season.

First the lawn is scalped down to a wee buzz cut which was not hard as the summer grass starts to make it’s retreat. Next the fertilizer is broadcast and then the seed.

Last but not least our ever vigilant guard tiger is enthroned to keep guard against winged thieves known to flock and gobble all the seed away.
And, yes our vigilant tiger really does do the trick in staving off the doves who especially love the seed.  Queenie believes this courageous tiger needs a name… What say thee?  Suggestions?
Until next time,
Have a great day!
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy…

This past Saturday Queenie attended Sharon Schamber’s NewYork Beauty workshop.  It was sponsored by the Phoenix Modern Quilt GuildBoy, oh boy, was it fun!!!  This is my finished block.
Sharon’s Piec-lique technique makes complex and curved piecing very approachable. So much so the next day I adventured (as Queenie has been known to do) with this newly learned technique and created this fun little wonky dice block.
I will definitely keep this technique in my bag of tricks going forward!!!
Here is a sneak peak of the Queenie Mother’s quilt I quilted with Sir Owen the Innova.  I will do a whole post on this beauty later this month.  The Queenie Mother has named it “Arabian Nights” - a fine name indeed.
Next up on Sir Owen is the Queenie Mother’s Blue Birds quilt.
 I’m experimenting with some abstract Queen Anne’s Lace in the boarders…
And foaming surf in the multi-purple squares.
Here's a shot from the back of the quilt... 
I took this shot from underneath Sir Owen and the machine’s light from the other side is glowing through… A little pre-Halloween vibe in the studio. (insert Bwahahaha)
Whilst composing this post Queenie drew a complete blank regarding a title. So, I took this wee snap…  
… and there you have it, Fishy-s!

Until next time.
Have a great day!
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