Friday, May 16, 2014

Whispered Lace Meets Delft China – Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Welcome intrepid travelers from Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival,  my awesome followers, and welcome guests to Queenie’s wee corner of the internet. Here is my submission to this season's Blogger's Quilt Festival… (For close up views of any image just click on the photo.)
I call this beauty, “Whispered Lace Meets Delft China”
When Amy first revealed this beautiful quilt pattern I totally fell in love and knew I had to put it on the to-do list.
Queenie decided to challenge herself and limit the color pallet to cool neutrals… 
Of the beige, blue and grey variety…
That really reminded me of beautiful Delft china.
With Delft china in mind, I decided an edge to edge floral pattern of quilting would be a pleasing complement.
This is the first king sized quilt I’ve quilted on my Innova quilting machine named Sir Owen.
And, of course, it was a smooth sailing hand guiding Sir Owen through the quilting.
Another first, was printing my quilt label on the computer. Queenie's quite pleased with the result!
Last month I showed and telled at the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild to many Ooos and Ahhhs.
Most important of all...
It’s gotten the Honey Man seal of approval <3
Quilt stats…
Size: 96” x 96”
Batting: Quilter’s Dream Wool
Fabric: An array from Queenie’s stash
Quilting Thread: Glide
To see a myriad of amazing quilts head on over the festival here.
While you’re there *insert shameless self promotion* :o) ... 
Don’t forget to vote for me in the large quilt category here from May 24-29, 2014
And... there is voting for Viewer’s Choice here from May 16-23, 2014

Thanks for stopping by and staying awhile!
Until Next time…
Have a great day,
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Embroidery Bee Quilty Adventures

Sir Owen the Innova and me are hard at work on the Queenie Mother’s Embroidery Bee Quilt.
I selected this lovely fabric for the backing, a soft mottled light green print that Queenie loves.
We started off with flowing…
S-curve feathers…
Undulating through the boarder..
With wee wreaths kissing in the center.
As I’ve been known to do, Queenie created a little story to help the quilty creativity flow…
Imagining the flower embroidery squares,
As collector china plates and the quilt their china cabinet.
Each plate is decorated…
With strings of pearls,
And individual…
Feather motifs,
All their own.
Hopefully, each embroidery square is its own featured treasure.
Admittedly, these carnations are Queenie’s favorite…
So far!
We’re not even have way through the blocks,
I’m sure to have many more favorites in store.
As always, there’s a Delicious close by, ever vigilant in her napping.
Minnie’s napping poses always make Queenie smile.

Until next time,
Have a great day!
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Quilty Sketches

In April...
Queenie decided to challenge herself,
With her quilting sketches,
Which I often do over my lunch hour
At the mundane.
Filling each little calendar day,
With a new quilty exercise.
Sometimes exciting,
Sometimes utilitarian,
But always helpful...
As quilty filler goes.
Some of the days...
Are better,
Than others.
Some week’s...
Color choices are live,
And let live.    
All in all it’s been…
A good and fine quilty lunch time wee get-away.

Until next time,
Have a great day!
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