Queenie Believe is the alter ego of Guinevere an artist of fiber, paint and sculpture.  I cleverly disguise my royal visage during the “normal business hours” of the mundane as a paraprofessional paper pusher, slaying dragons and fighting injustice. 

In days gone by, I was a theatre gypsy traveling from regional theatre to theatre throughout the land, sharing my costuming talents wherever I went.
Queenie now holds court in beautiful Arizona where it is almost always sunny and warm, just the right realm for flights of fancy and suspended disbelief.
On a beautiful spring day a brave, handsome and talented man crossed Queenie’s path. I knighted him Honey Man and he swept me off my feet and into his arms. It is there that we have found in each other our bestest friend, greatest love and soul mate.
On the Feast of Saint Bridgid of Ireland Queenie and Honey Man were wed.
An evening reception in the royal gardens was filled with traditional Irish music and liquid spirits galore. Party revelers feasted on corned beef and cabbage with, of course soda bread the tastiest of vehicles for a thick slathering of fresh Irish butter.
When Honey Man came into Queenie’s life so did two wonderful fur babies, Minnie and Callie.  As is the Queenie tradition, I dubbed them The Delicious… Minnie Delicious and Callie Delicious.
The Delicious are rescue dogs which were adopted by Honey Man and his big heart. Though we don’t know exactly how old they are our best guess is that Minnie is around 8 years and Callie is around 10 years.
Callie is the sweetest love puppy you will ever meet. She loves to give hugs, gaze fondly and wag her tail generously.
Minnie is our devoted, quirky, glamour girl. She loves being with her humans, giving kisses and giving more kisses.
The Delicious fearlessly show unconditional love; a richness Queenie and Honey Man are happy to receive everyday be it the always I’m so glad and excited to see you welcome or the unexpected paw that gently rests on a knee.

Thank you for stopping by Queenie's wee blog!
Have a great day!!!

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