Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Firsts, Lasts and Forward Ho!

Queenie's sharing some June quilty finishes with you today…  First up is a my very first “customer” quilt that I quilted on my Innova long arm.
My very first customer is our very own Queenie Mother. Yay! Aren't Mother's grand!!!
The Queenie Mother’s colorful, fun, modern quilt is full of Laura Burch characters…
That called for frolicking, swirly flowers throughout.  
Next up, is Queenie’s last quilt to do the quilting on my home sewing machine.
This quilt is full of bold geometric shapes and candy colors perfect for young sisters to snuggle together, play and enjoy long, happy days at the beach.
With a happy little surprise on the back…
A flock of birds for wonderous flights of imaginations.
Last, but not least, forward Ho! For Christmas in July is right around the corner…  
Another Queenie Mother quilt, a holiday sampler that must have over 50 different Christmas fabrics.
So as to not detract from each one-of-a-kind block I’ve quilted a simple echo around each…
And free hand quilted holy leaves round-about the outer boarder. More snaps to come on this little jewelbox when I have it off the Innova and completed.
What a quilting adventure June has turned out to be.

Until next time…
Have a great day!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations B the Brave and Tammy

On Sunday Queenie’s brother, B the Brave and his lovely wife Tammy had their beautiful baby boy.  He is the third to bare his father and grandfather’s name. While still a babe and perhaps beyond we call him B3.
His appearance onto the world’s stage was a bit early yet he is coming along brilliantly, bypassing all expectations. He is his own wee self.
It was my full intention get this quilt to B3 before his arrival. Alas, he had other plans.  As it stands, it arrived in Alaska today, so Queenie’s only a couple days late :o)
As you may recall, this is the quilt that was on my Innova quilting machine a couple of posts ago.  The quilt pattern is from Jaybird Quilts and the majority of fabrics are Henry Glass's Two by Two fabric line. I love all the visual movement.  Queenie thought it would also work well for the driving on of toy cars at the toddler stage in addition to the wrapping up and snuggling in as a babe in Alaska.
The back is a wonderful Noah’s ark scene full of animals brimming with personality. Just the visual to spark little boy imaginations.  For flights of creative imagining runs full tilt in the family.

Until next time…
Have a great day!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Furry Friday

You! Hellou!!
Yes! You!!!
Minnie Delicious here…
And Callie Delicious here!
Queenie, our beloved mama, is total wildness with her new smart phone taking snaps of us almost every morning and sending them our papa, Honey Man…
He really gets a kick out of them.
Mama is all into playing will her new dream machine, Innova which she gabbed all about in her last post. We rather like it too as we can watch over her and nap while she plays. 
We also like to look at the little quilty sketches she makes too.
The wonderful Queenie Mother made this embroidered and quilted notebook for our mama.
And, she is filling it chalk full of quilty possibilities
Alas, on a more sober note…
We go to the groomer tomorrow for
new Doggie Hair Dos…
Wish us luck!

*Grooming Update*
Minnie Delicious here! We survived!!!
My sister Callie had no doubt but me being ME is always cautious and on high alert.  It’s hard work keeping track of all the comings and goings of the K9s and their humans at the groomers. On top of that, there is the supervising of Callie’s groomer and my groomer. Plus, as you may have guessed, I’m a BIG tipper… Lavishing kisses on my groomer throughout the grooming appointment.
Needless to say, by the time we got home I sorely needed a powernap… in my favorite corner of the kitchen… half way up the wall.

Until next time…
Have a great big furry love day,
Minnie and Callie
(The Delicious)
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