Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Minnie Christmas

Merry Christmas All!!! 
Minnie Delicious here reporting to you this fine Christmas day from my new dog-dog bed at Hermosa Castillo

Yep, that’s right! Me and my sister, Callie got new beds for Christmas. We are such happy K9s!!! 
Shall I take you on a tour of Hermosa Castillo Christmas cheer?

OK! Here we go…

First up our tree,

Full of individual cherished ornaments

Made special for Queenie by the Queenie Mother.

Next up the wee Christmas village the magically appears each year about this time kind of like Brigadoon but covered in warm Arizona snow. 
Onward we travel to the family/great room where the magic gateway for Santa sits in front of the fireplace.

An extra luminous treat this year is the wee Christmas tree perched high atop the no touchy shelf where even I can’t reach my long nosey nose to smell!

And pretty golden jingle bells,
Ascend the stairs to the upper reaches of Hermosa Castillo.
From Me and my sister Callie and my Mama and my Papa...
We wish you the
Merriest and Happiest Christmas Day!!!

Until next time…
Furry love and doggie kisses!!!
Always, Minnie Delicious

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Little Christmas Cheer

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Hermosa Castile.Queenie’s been a bit haggled this month recovering from surgery but, we were able to muster a wee flurry of elfin magic this year…
The tree now stands vigil in the front window.
Trinity lights and snowflakes are all a-glow.
And Christmas wreaths merrily light our studio windows.
Festive holiday cheer also abounds within our Hermosa Castile which (fingers crossed) Queenie hopes to share a few snaps of before the end of the year.

This evening is the winter solstice,
the longest night of the year.
Let us all remember to keep the light of love
shining brightly within our hearts.
A Blessed Yule to All!

Until Next Time…
Have a great day!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the Mend

Queenie’s been hunkered down in a wee winter hibernation recovering from corrective surgery to help with her Achilles heel… the dreaded sinuses. Some tidying up and re-plumbing was needed to get them into good working order.  As a result I’ve not been making the rounds in cyberspace but concentrating on getting well and trying to conjure a little Santa elfin magic.
Rest assured, Queenie is on the mend and will be up and about hopefully in time to spread a little holiday cheer hither and yon through blogland.
Until next time…
Have a great day!
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