Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday - Away the Mundane

I knew it!!!
Dogs really are man's best friend...

Happy Friday!!!
Are you doing the Happy Friday
Away the Mundane Office Chair Happy Dance?
I AM!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebration Treasure Part 3

Eh hem… laaaaa… me me me me meeeee...

Happy Anniversary to you…
Happy Anniversary to you…
Happy Anniversary… Happy Anniversary…
Happy Anniversaryyyyyyyyyy to yoooouuuu!!!
 ...and many more...

The heather plant is a symbol of perseverance,
and it was in Mom’s Bridal Bouquet,
Thank you for persevering,
and being our Queenie Mother and Father
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary
We love you!!

Have a great day,

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebration Treasure Part 2

Hello, Minnie Delicious here!
My sister Callie and I are sooooo excited this week!
On Saturday our awesome Queenie Grandparents are celebrating...
Their 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!
Earlier this week after tending to our doggy obligations as members of Queenie’s court such as surveying our backyard kingdom, sunbathing, guarding against our arch nemesis the taunting wild cat, and catching up on the news of the day chatting with neighboring kingdom dogs…
We commandeered Honey Man’s computer and ordered our own super secret celebration treasure for the bestest grandparents EVER!!!  What could be a better way to celebrate then eating something scrumptious and yummy?!  We have it on good opinion from our neighbor doggy friend Reilly that humans love chocolate.  So, sparing no paw work on the keyboard I search and found the Godiva Chocolate humans and order this yummyness…
We also enclosed a card...
Customized with our picture...
And a little note from our big furry hearts...
Happy one day before the big day!!
We love you!!!

Have a great day,

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebration Treasure Part 1

This Saturday, April 21, 2012 marks a very special day for the Queenie Mother and Queenie Father…
Their 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!
An amazing achievement in this day and age to be sure…
This happy couple has decided to enjoy their special day without big fanfare or royal audience with a super secret celebration only they know. This may sound odd to some but in contrast to their normally fully booked events calendar this is a special treat.  *Aside* Years back, just as their social calendar was gearing into full swing, Queenie dubbed the parents Dr. & Mrs. Social Function.

But of course Queenie and her Court could not let such a monumental achievement go by without a little fanfare and the gifting or our own supper secret celebration treasure to our awesome parents. Soooo… As the Queenie Parents receive each treasure I will post pictures since they will no longer be super secret anymore ;o)

1st up is this beautiful one of a kind origami wreath
Our one of a kind parents needed a one of a kind treasure. Whilst window surfing on Etsy, I happen across Lusine, a wonderful artist who creates amazing and beautiful creations in the ancient art of origami.
There are a total of 50 flowers in this special order wreath…
35 roses in 4 different shades of yellow, 15 exquisite lilies with leaves in 3 shades of green sprinkled about.
At Lusine’s suggestion, she generously enclosed this matching gift card!

Click here to visit Lusine’s Etsy shop and window surf her beautiful creations.

Happy two days before the big day Mom and Dad!!
We love you!!!

Have a great day,

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday – Away the Mundane

To help Away the Mundane and usher in a wonderful weekend, come adventuring with Queenie in Swoonibles…
Swoonible: adjective (Queenie Speak) An inanimate object that elicits feels of overwhelming joy and happiness. Exclamations such as “YUMMY!” and “Mercy Me Oh My!” are often heard around Swoonibles.

Two Swoonibles for Queenie are silk fabric and lacy trims.
From time to time the old costumer in me bubbles forth and the original, one of a kindness of the craft must unite with swoonibles.  There is a small chain of fabric stores in the Arizona simply called SAS where Queenie goes to exercise and at times exorcise the old costumer within.
While surrounded in a world swirling in all sorts and manors of fabrics and notions Queenie adventured back in time and focused on collecting swoonibles to create a beautiful Victoriana style piano shawl.
Queenie found a YUMMY! embroidered silk organza the color of a soft blush with a scattering of pink and maroon flowers.
Nothing catches the light and handles like silk organza.
Mercy Me Oh My!
A bevy of little scientists squirreled away in laboratories have given it the old college try but nothing beats those little silk worms.
Queenie paired two YUMMY! trims, to create the look of the lush deep fringe that is characteristic of piano shawls
Though I’ve only worn this swoonible shawl once… Queenie is sure there will be other royal occasions for its appearance be it an opening gala or royal audience at the hermoso castillo.
Until then, it is prominently hung in my studio where Queenie can gaze fondly and with the joy of having, exclamations of YUMMY! and Mercy Me Oh My! are often heard.
Happy Friday!!!
Are you doing the Happy Friday
Away the Mundane Office Chair Happy Dance?
I AM!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buzz Cut

Hello Minnie Delicious here
I know!!! You can hardly recognize me!!
Here I was mere days ago, minding my own business with my sister.
A full coat of fur, majestic and handy for dust mopping…
Now look at me!!!
The Parental Units are out of control!!!
And to top it off... I’m now called Buzz Cut...
Or Professor Lupin none the less… YIKES!!!
Mom says its fur and it will grow back…
I’ll just lay here and wait for it to return. :o)

Have a great day!!

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