Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring in Arizona

Springtime is Arizona is a glorious time of year, with all sorts of everything turning that almost indescribable shade of new green
so fresh and lovely.
All sorts of trees, plants and shrubbery exploding into bloom, most especially our wee orange tree in the Delicious’ backyard kingdom at Hermosa Castile.
This winter bared its teeth harshly on our wee orange and monster lemon trees, freezing our citrus rendering them pithy and pretty much inedible.
But, the promise of spring has generated new life and a bumper crop of orange blossoms.  The fragrance of which is beyond belief, a wonderful something that sneaks up and surprises each year.
Spring in Arizona is the perfect time for walks in the cool evening when the glorious smell of citrus blossoms greets you here and there
putting a smile on Queenie’s face.
I hope the promise of Spring time is
shortly around a corner near you!
Until next time…
Have a great day!

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