Thursday, January 23, 2014

This, That, And The Other Things

Here we are two-thirds the way through January. The month is simply whizzing by.
Queenie’s Christmas town has faded into the mist until next year when it will once again magically appear like Brigadoon.
The Queenie Mother’s Blue Birds in Spring quilt is done, finished, complete!
A modern take on traditional red work,
Brimming with Spring time joy.
Just what many of us need in the deepest of winter time, especially those in the middle of the polar vortex.
Queenie continues her quilty sketches,
During her lunch hour at the mundane,
Working many variations on a theme.
Then experimenting with Sir Owen the Innova,
Working up samples of quilting from ideas in the sketches.
Queenie really likes this frolicking gem…
An avenue to be adventured down some more me thinks.

Until next time,
Have a great day!
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Love, happiness, experience... cool!

As many of you know, Queenie is not a practitioner of the new year’s resolution tradition, but I found this to be quite fun and thought you would enjoy it too:
My first three words:
Love, happiness, experience
What’s yours?
Queenie is well blessed with the first two words, just look to the right side bar to “Queenie’s Court” to see.  In 2014 me thinks word number three, "experience" will be most enjoyed on Sir Owen the Innova.
Taking my many wee quilty sketches…
And mundane meeting doodles
And evolving them into possible quilting motifs.
Currently on Sir Owen I’ve been running wild…
On scrap fabric.
Gaining experience and experimenting with...
Different threads and batting.     
It is great fun and a wonderful way to adventure into the new year.
What are your first three words for 2014?
How will they help you adventure into the new year?

Until next time…
Have a  great day!
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