Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Queenie’s New Adventure

We’re off on a new adventure…
Let me introduce you to Queenie’s new pride and joy
My very own Innova longarm quilting machine!!! Yay!!!
As you may recall, this year I’ve been playing with secondary design elements via sketching with thread when quilting my pieces together on my home sewing machine.  Admittedly, quilting on a stationary machine has its challenges and can be time intensive depending on the size and complexity of project.
With my new awesome Innova the quilt is stationary and the machines moves effortlessly on two sets of rails allowing for sewing in all directions. The potential for creative loveliness infinitely abounds.
This machine is absolutely a dream come true and has really lit a creative quilting fire within.  Currently, a crib quilt is on the Innova all set and ready for creative quilting.  (More snaps to come as this project evolves.) This quilt is for a special little guy who will be making his grand appearance on the world’s stage in July.
All the thank you-s in the whole wide world go to my husband who made this dream machine possible. How many husbands do you know who would allow a once upon a time living room to be transformed into a quilting studio. Not too many I know. I am truly blessed with THE PERFECT HUSBAND!!! 
A standing ovation and
hardly round of applause for Honey Man!!! Yay!!!
Until next time…
Have a great day!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big Five OheeOheeOhhhhh

Much goings on with Queenie and her Kingdom of late… 
Round about the middle of April, the eleventh to be precise,
Queenie hit one of those milestone birthday bench marks.
In celebration, Honey Man whisked Queenie away to the wee town of Jerome, Arizona for a getaway weekend.
A once mining boom town, gone ghost town perched on the side of a mountain in copper country.
It's now a quaint and quirky artsy haven.
Full of fun art galleries, gift shops, eateries, and wine shops.
We stayed at a delightful vacation apartment with the most amazing view!!
Which could be enjoyed for not one, but two sets of balconies.
One of which was perfect for dining alfresco!
Since our vacation get-away was located in the heart of this wee town we parked the car and did all our exploring on foot.  We happened across a darling old church – Holy Family
This old church is full of  rural Arizona, mining, gone by worship that in particular touched Queenie’s heart.
Honey Man and I lit a candle for the Queenie Mother and Father as they were traveling from beautiful Ohio to Arizona during this same time.
Throughout the town beautiful spring was shining forth…
Lilacs!! One of Queenie’s favorites, blooming especially for my special birthday.
If you are looking for a one of a kind get away in amazing Arizona give Jerome a try!!
Until next time…
Have a great day!

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