Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebration Treasure Part 1

This Saturday, April 21, 2012 marks a very special day for the Queenie Mother and Queenie Father…
Their 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!
An amazing achievement in this day and age to be sure…
This happy couple has decided to enjoy their special day without big fanfare or royal audience with a super secret celebration only they know. This may sound odd to some but in contrast to their normally fully booked events calendar this is a special treat.  *Aside* Years back, just as their social calendar was gearing into full swing, Queenie dubbed the parents Dr. & Mrs. Social Function.

But of course Queenie and her Court could not let such a monumental achievement go by without a little fanfare and the gifting or our own supper secret celebration treasure to our awesome parents. Soooo… As the Queenie Parents receive each treasure I will post pictures since they will no longer be super secret anymore ;o)

1st up is this beautiful one of a kind origami wreath
Our one of a kind parents needed a one of a kind treasure. Whilst window surfing on Etsy, I happen across Lusine, a wonderful artist who creates amazing and beautiful creations in the ancient art of origami.
There are a total of 50 flowers in this special order wreath…
35 roses in 4 different shades of yellow, 15 exquisite lilies with leaves in 3 shades of green sprinkled about.
At Lusine’s suggestion, she generously enclosed this matching gift card!

Click here to visit Lusine’s Etsy shop and window surf her beautiful creations.

Happy two days before the big day Mom and Dad!!
We love you!!!

Have a great day,

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Marni Allen said...

Yay! Beautiful gift :)

artistamyjo said...

Congrats on a huge celebration!

Michele said...

truly awesome! congrats to your dear parents. xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Oh, what a lovely idea! And the matching gift card makes it all the more special. Blessings to the happy couple!

Carole said...

Congratulations to the lovely couple!
Love the wreath.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful wreath! Congratulations to the Queenie Mother and Father!

Rachel said...

Congratulations to Queenie Mother and Queenie Father on reaching such a wonderful milestone.

The wreath is a really beautiful gift.

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