Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday – Away the Mundane

To help Away the Mundane and usher in a wonderful weekend, come adventuring with Queenie in Swoonibles…
Swoonible: adjective (Queenie Speak) An inanimate object that elicits feels of overwhelming joy and happiness. Exclamations such as “YUMMY!” and “Mercy Me Oh My!” are often heard around Swoonibles.

Two Swoonibles for Queenie are silk fabric and lacy trims.
From time to time the old costumer in me bubbles forth and the original, one of a kindness of the craft must unite with swoonibles.  There is a small chain of fabric stores in the Arizona simply called SAS where Queenie goes to exercise and at times exorcise the old costumer within.
While surrounded in a world swirling in all sorts and manors of fabrics and notions Queenie adventured back in time and focused on collecting swoonibles to create a beautiful Victoriana style piano shawl.
Queenie found a YUMMY! embroidered silk organza the color of a soft blush with a scattering of pink and maroon flowers.
Nothing catches the light and handles like silk organza.
Mercy Me Oh My!
A bevy of little scientists squirreled away in laboratories have given it the old college try but nothing beats those little silk worms.
Queenie paired two YUMMY! trims, to create the look of the lush deep fringe that is characteristic of piano shawls
Though I’ve only worn this swoonible shawl once… Queenie is sure there will be other royal occasions for its appearance be it an opening gala or royal audience at the hermoso castillo.
Until then, it is prominently hung in my studio where Queenie can gaze fondly and with the joy of having, exclamations of YUMMY! and Mercy Me Oh My! are often heard.
Happy Friday!!!
Are you doing the Happy Friday
Away the Mundane Office Chair Happy Dance?
I AM!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
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artistamyjo said...

Royally delightful,gorgeous too!

suziqu's thread works said...

Merci Me Oh My without any shadow of doubt - such a stunning shawl using some of my most favourite sik organza and metres of trim!
Thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog about my creations.
Lovely weekend to you Queenie!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Oh me oh my oh, Queenie! It's a stunner! And I know exactly what you mean about silk organza. It's to die for! There is no earthly substitute.
Love the fresh look to your blog + I now have your new button in our left side bar over at the Studio's blog.
Happy weekend! (does happy dance while still seated at desk)

Michele said...

such brilliant finds! if it were me i would not be able to stop running my hands through it! lovely! xo

Michele said...

such brilliant finds! if it were me i would not be able to stop running my hands through it! lovely! xo

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh I'm such a pushover for luscious fabrics and swags ~ these are simply delicious!

Victoria said...

That shawl and the lace are indeed 'swoonible' worthy! I love that word; it's so perfectly descriptive.

Stephanie said...

I would wrap this lovely around must drape so beautifully!


Denise said...

Oh yes!Now your talking!This is My kind of thing-I love it!

Cindy F. Adkins said...

I agree! Mercy me - oh my!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

So lovely - they are wonderful finds, indeed. :)

Jean Knee said...

I'll say, it's sooo swoonable

Bohemian said...

What a Divine looking piece of wearable Art this is Queenie! And Thank You for weighing in on my recent Post... you are not the only one who has suggested this solution and it is something I am considering since the arthritis in my hands is making it more difficult to sew for extended periods of time & I was not good with using a machine {hated it in fact & didn't have a commercial grade one that would work well with the heavy fabrics I utilize}. I guess the reason I haven't gone forward with that solution is that if I just designed the piece and didn't actually make any of it I don't know that I would feel the same way about the outcome... the Creative Process is what I enjoy most about Art and just handing it to someone else to flesh out would seem very foreign to me... but it is probably something I may have to eventually have a Peace about. *Winks* PS: I did finish the piece I was working on that I wanted to present to the Friend tomorrow! *Whew!*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh Queenie, that shawl is so utterly lovely! I love lace too :) As you may be able to tell from the ridiculous amount of lace curtains in my spaces hahaha. But this shawl is stunning and royal and gypsyesque all at once!

My Grama's Soul said...

Queenie......that shawl is gorgeous.....Nuf' said.



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