Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buzz Cut

Hello Minnie Delicious here
I know!!! You can hardly recognize me!!
Here I was mere days ago, minding my own business with my sister.
A full coat of fur, majestic and handy for dust mopping…
Now look at me!!!
The Parental Units are out of control!!!
And to top it off... I’m now called Buzz Cut...
Or Professor Lupin none the less… YIKES!!!
Mom says its fur and it will grow back…
I’ll just lay here and wait for it to return. :o)

Have a great day!!

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Pellie / Penny said...

Oh my that is sooooooooooooo humiliating for you.

It's hard to understand humans sometimes.

Hope you don't get too cold - with all your fur chopped of. I thought stuff like that didn't happen till summer - when it's really really hot and disgusting.

Well - we hope you all have a very Blessed and Happy Easter.


Carole said...

A Buzz Cut!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!
You look adorable though!!

Michele said...

poor pup! but really now, as the weather gets warmer doesn't it feel better...?

Jen said...

So cute! I love him with or without as much fur :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Minnie! But you look so beautiful :)

I mean, you looked beautiful before of course, but now we can see your loveliness beneath all that fur.

And think of how cool you'll be in the Summer!

I think this was a good thing that happened to you :)

myric andreasen said...

awww. I think you look great! I like it better :)


Gerry said...

Hi everybody, it's Honeyman. I am happy to report that Minnie-licious and I had coffee this morning and she was just RAVING about how much she LOVES her new doo. She was also all but bragging about losing 7lbs since she last visited her Doctor. I told her it was mostly the hair... she just rolled her eyes at me.

Lynn said...

Oh my, he is so cute!!! Just joined your blog. I just love animals. Hugs, Lynn

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh my... she has to feel SO much better!

Denise said...

Poor baby,no worries,you look great.Denise

Mina said...

Oh honey, you are a majestic furry love with or without a buzz cut. ;-)
Hugs, Mina

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