Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ribbons at the County Fair

Big congratulations to the Queenie Mother!!!
Her lovely quilt won a 3rd place ribbon

At the Fulton County Fair in beautiful Ohio!

And! Her Christmas quilt won a 2nd place ribbon

(As you may recall, I quilted these lovelies with Sir Owen the Innova.)
Yay! And Hurray!!! For the Queenie Mother!!!
Pssst… Not only did she win these ribbons but she also won ribbons for all of her embroidery and ceramic submissions too!!
Queenie’s hoping some snaps from the fair will be coming soon. *hint-hint*

Next up on Sir Owen is Queenie Mother’s exotic rainbow quilt...

A quilt the Queenie Mother designed around a lovely charm pack of batik fabrics.

A charm pack is a collection of 5 ½” squares of fabric, usually from the same fabric line.  I’m filling each square with a kind of leaf meets a halved papaya motif.

Each charm square is surrounded with sashing of lavender foiled with gold,

Which Queenie is filling with an interlocking square motif I’ve dubbed “keys”.

I’m using Aurifil cotton thread throughout with gold on the top and brown on the bottom

The backing fabric is a lovely teal batik with brown pottery images… yummy!

The quilt is framed with a pink and...

A purple boarder that I’ve quilted with undulating strings of sumptuous feathers.

A delicious feast for the eyes our Queenie Mother's exotic rainbow quilt shall be!

Queenie’s in the home stretch so more snaps to come upon completion.

Until next time.
Have a great day!

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katy-kc said...

Beuaty-mas!!! Congrats on the ribbons-both of you!

Sue Daurio said...

Woohoo for Queenie Mother :) Great job with the ribbons! I adore the quilting on the rainbow quilt, stunning.

Vivienne Moss said...

Happy dancing for you. Such stunning colors in the rainbow quilt!

Jennifer said...

Ah I see the lovely quilting skills go down through the generations in your lovely family! Congratulations!

Denise said...

Oh My!Amazing talent,both of You.Congrats to the Queen Mother.I have thought it must be so lovely submitting any loved work to the county fair.Wanted to do it since I was a child.I even love the movie State Fair.Enjoyed Your families beautiful works of quilting.

Linda said... you both!!!!! Such beautiful quilting on the rainbow quilt! Of course, the feathers are beautiful!!

Bohemian said...

Congratulations and what a Feast for the Eyes and Senses these Beautiful Creations are! I didn't realize Quilting required so much Math until one of the Church Sewing Groups tried to teach me... WOW, my mind almost blew up! *LOL* Think I shall just stick with my Bohemian Bags that take no thought process or Math and leave the Quilting to the Experts like you who Create such visual wonders with this Art Form! Thanks for stopping by with such profound and sincere Words... I Feel better today after my Emotions subsided. Just worried that if the G-Daughter has a malignant tumor, they will have fiddle-farted around too long... or that she might not get the Surgery at all to have it removed if we cannot get whatever paperwork done in time to Appease the System?!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Beautiful!! :)

LynCC said...

Hey, fun!! Congrats on the ribbons. Always something to cheer you up. :D

Ivory Spring said...

Awesome quilts!!! Congrats.

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