Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of August

You! Hellouuuuu!  Callie Delicious here!

It’s hard to believe that here we are at the end of August already, wow!  Seems like yesterday Minnie was blathering on about being groomed just this past spring.  Well, here she is all anxious in the backseat of the Bruce (Mama’s auto) as we travel to the groomer for our late summer grooming extravaganza.  Also known as the Monsoon make-over.

You will notice I’m all relaxed enjoying the car ride.
One cool thing about the end of August in Arizona is the beautiful skies that favor us in monsoon season.

Mama capture this double rainbow from the car just last night!  

Another cool thing is the purple flowers in our backyard kingdom join us.

For the whole month it seems.

In the front, Papa’s birthday flowers continue to bloom from June right on through… Hmmm… Don’t know, maybe forever -BOL-

Here’s a quick snap of Minnie post grooming. You can see how pretty she is even though she’s giving Mama the cold shoulder for photos. Silly Delicious! 

Mom’s been hard at work with Sir Owen the Innova creating loveliness.

Next up is this quilt top created by the best doggy grandma ever, the Queenie Mother!

Me and Minnie enjoy watching Mama and Sir Owen even though we sometimes fall asleep for doggy naps and I’ve been known to rip off some good ole time snores -BOL- I slay me!!!

Until next time…
Big furry love and doggy kisses!
Callie Delicious


Sarah said...

Thank you Queenie!
I love the picture of Minnie after she has been groomed. She looks really coy! Love the quilts too and the cloudy skies. Enjoy the rain!

Ivory Spring said...

I do love the colors of that quilt on your machine right now!!!!!

Thanks for your kind words on my Rising Stars quilt. I always love hearing from you...

Carole Reid said...

Ha ha..... how long did Minnie's cold shoulder treatment last, Queenie? Gorgeous quilts you and Sir Owen create together! xo Carole

Victoria said...

Boy, Minnie is GOOD at giving the cold shoulder! Miss Callie, you be sure and tell her that she looks beautiful, as do you! And tell your mom that her photo of the rainbows and her quilts (your grandma's, too) are gorgeous.



Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Your puppies are so very cute! I have a black lab who is just a doll. Everyone's baby! :) Your quilting is looking fantastic! I love the wrapping swirls and the pebbles. It's no secret pebbles are my FAVORITE!

LynCC said...

I just love the quilting on the umbrella mini - and what a gorgeous quilt going on the frame!

Jennifer said...

Ah but you sweet pups need your grooming! I know my dear shih tzu friend Oscar needs one so badly he can not see beyond the hair in his eyes!

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