Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vigilant in the Backyard Kingdom

In Arizona we are in that glorious time of year when the back of monsoon triple digit, humidity is finally broken. This weekend saw temps in the high 80sF, dry and crystal clear blue skies. Perfect weather for seeding the Delicious’s Backyard Kingdom.  You see, Arizona has two seasons for grass and we are quickly approaching the winter rye season.

First the lawn is scalped down to a wee buzz cut which was not hard as the summer grass starts to make it’s retreat. Next the fertilizer is broadcast and then the seed.

Last but not least our ever vigilant guard tiger is enthroned to keep guard against winged thieves known to flock and gobble all the seed away.
And, yes our vigilant tiger really does do the trick in staving off the doves who especially love the seed.  Queenie believes this courageous tiger needs a name… What say thee?  Suggestions?
Until next time,
Have a great day!
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Denise said...

Darling Scare Crow ; )

Victoria said...

Tom the Tiger-Hearted! Or, Louis the Lawn Guardian. Maybe Daniel the Dove-Chaser? Frank the Fearless? Hmmmm...I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful, Queenie.



Carole Reid said...

Well, I'll be. I've never heard such a brave and diligent lawn protector. How about "Eye" as in "I see you"!

Michele said...

well how about Viggie the Vigilant? he looks awfully sweet to be scaring away the doves but i guess they see it differently! xo

Jennifer said...

The Tiger really works? Like a scarecrow but a scare tiger? I like Francis the Ferocious :)

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