Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Flanking either side of the entrance to the office building where Queenie disguises her royal visage and brings home the bacon there are two sizeable Bird of Paradise plants. They are interesting plants… Ultra modern… Minimalist in their floral generosity. Perfect for office buildings, pinstripes and the occasional power lunch.
Out here is beautiful Arizona we also have a kissing cousin (which is really no relation at all) to the Bird of Paradise… The Mexican Bird of Paradise.  
Vibrant red-orange-yellow clusters of never ending blooms are scattered throughout a floating cloud of lacy, fern-like, dark green.
These beauties are in full bloom from spring through autumn endlessly renewing and giving.
You will see them throughout the Valley of the Sun. A true work horse of floral beauty.
They’re just the kind of plant that makes Queenie smile.  What flower makes you smile?

Until next time…
Have a great day!!!

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Scrapatches said...

Hello ... what beautiful flowers! Here in New England we have to visit a very warm greenhouse to find such exotic blooms. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment and becoming a follower. Always nice to meet a new quilty friend. I have been perusing your blog ... makes me smile ... have a happy quilty day ... :) Pat

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Oh, Arizona! My dad lived there for a few years so then I made this very long trip all the way to Arizona to see him. For me it was an almost surreal experience to see the landscape, to see sand and the desert that was everywhere, to see the cactuses. Arizona looks so very different from Sweden.

Denise said...

Thank you Queenie.Such pretty color. Bright orange and red together is so pretty on flowers.The columbine make Me smile :)

Victoria said...

Wow, those Mexican Birds of Paradise are gorgeous, I've never seen them before. It's hard to grow flowers up here, not impossible, but definitely not easy, so just about any flower makes me happy.



Stephanie said...

I've seen the Mexican Bird of Paradise at the botanic gardens and did not know what it was...love them!

katy-kc said...

Beautiful. Except the Bird of Paradise can't be modern. They've been around a lot longer then me! Also, the first plant name my niece, Hannah, tried to pronounce at the mature age of 2. I like both these blooms more for their passionate colors than shape. I enjoy the Bougenvilla, myself.

Taluula said...

Thank you, Queenie, for such bright and fiery colours to brighten up and warm up a dreary UK Autumn day. x

Hettienne said...

Hi Queenie, here in South Africa we call the Bird of Paradise flower a Strelitzia and it is our national flower. But here they grown into huge massive shrubs with many plumes - nothing officey about them - they are wild and passionate - I have two big bushes in my garden. take care and blessings to you

Gaby Bee said...

These flowers are amazing! In Germany we have to visit a greenhouse to find such exotic plants.

Have a lovely weekend!

Anne said...

Hi, Queenie! I wanted to stop by and visit you and thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog ~ I always love hearing from you!
These are both gorgeous...wish we could grow them here! Well, you know my favorite flower, the one that makes me smile, is the heady Tuberose...I even still have one late-comer in bud, can you believe it? I don't think it is going to open, though, with the cool temps we are finally having...
Have a wonderful Sunday, Queenie dear!

Jennifer said...

What beautiful colors! It looks like fire! I always love to see a beautifully blooming rose. Any colour at all. I'm a rose girl myself ;)

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. I love the red and yellow colors, two of my very favorite. I guess if I had to choose a flower that makes me smile it would be a tulip or a daisy.
Thank you for stopping by the shop, my friend. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving too.

Carrie P. said...

wow, those flowers are so brilliant.
Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my row along. Your comment didn't come to my email. I guess it is because you don't have an email on your profile. Anyway, glad you stopped by.

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