Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilting Adventure - Bouquets of Flowers

Queenie’s been working on a couple of quilting adventures.
One being that king sized quilt top
I first let you know about here.
As you recall, Queenie's next step was conjuring up a beautiful border full of music, flowers and crowns.
During my pondering and conjuring,
I ran across a quilt block called Bride’s Bouquet.
Queenie was smitten indeed.
For bouquets of beautiful flowers make my heart sing.
I pulled from my vast stash of flowered fabrics,
Greenery fabrics,
And purchased the perfect sterling silver be-crowned fabric for the royal Tussy Mussys... or would that be Mussies...
Bouquets full of Roses,
And Tulips,
And Daisies,
And Pansies...
Fussy cut posies galore!
Truth be told…
This is only about a quarter of bouquets that will boarder this king sized quilting adventure!

Have a great day!
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Rachel said...

I love seeing your quilts Queenie, they look so intricate.

Your new bouquets are gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished thing.

Michele said...

ooo-weee! it is going to be gorgeous! xo

Taluula said...

Wow, I am in awe. You have such talent, my friend.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh man those flower blocks are just stunning!!! So many of them and they sure don't look like an easy block. What a treasure.

Victoria said...

Queenie, I cannot wait to see your Bride's Bouquet quilt finished! I love your quilt with all the Madonnas on it, too.



Jennifer said...

Those bouquets! Amazing! Queenie do you ever sell your quilts? I don't know how I got so business minded, but you could make a fortune with your beautiful creations :) Thank you for such a warm welcome back, I've missed you soooo much!

Denise said...

Thank you Queenie!Gorgeous flower quilt.I wish I knew how to sew just to quilt.Wonderful talent you have.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, your quilts are absolutely amazing! Love them all, but especially the one with all the Madonnas and the quilt with the yellow roses. Your work is fantastic!


Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

What an amazing quilter you are. I am considering making a quilt myself, although a much simpler quilt- I don´t have your sewing and quilting skills! Right now I am hunting for fabrics in flea markets, that´s so much fun :)

Alicia said...


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