Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costumes - Clowning for a Cause

Here we are on the eve of All Hallows Eve. That time of year when costumes abound for children and adults alike. In Queenie’s family costumes are not limited just to Halloween.
Growing up in and around the theatre and then working professionally as a theatre/historic costumer extraordinaire, playing dress-up was an everyday event.  Even now from spark to completion its always an adventure, exercising practiced technique blended with creative solutions. 
The Queenie Father donates countless hours in support of the Shiners’ Children’s Hospitals Organization who provide state of the art medical care for crippled and burned children.
About a year or so ago Dad asked if I would create a clown costume for the clowning side of him, his alter ego PhuDsie. It all started with an email and his sketch.
Shortly thereafter the fabric arrived to Queenie’s studio.
From there I created a set or patterns for this dapper clowning cut away jacket and pantaloon trousers.  Queenie’s pattern paper of choice is brown of course.
Queenie had to remember and then remember some more back to her tailoring days gone by regarding all the layers of this and that which goes into a suit jacket.
With the addition of extra big outside pockets for the carrying of future balloon animals.
Next up was the trousers
Complete with cargo side pockets for the carrying of clown car keys and the like.
And sassy suspender buttons for a finishing touch.
All in all I do believe the Queenie Father a.k.a. PhuDsie is one happy Papa in his new clowning costume.
With clown shoes in hand (for driving with big shoes is not advised) PhuDsie is off spreading cheer, having big fun and raising much needed funds for children in need.

Have a great day!

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AlphaBetsy said...

That is so cool!! My aunt did amateur clowning when I was younger, volunteering a lot, and I always thought it looked so fun. That suit is fabulous though. Well done.

Sharon said...

Oh the outfit should bring a lot of giggles! Great work.

Katherines Corner said...

wonderful!!!!! he looks terrific you did a wonderful job with his costume xo

Mina said...

Oh you enchanting highness, you are an amazing seamstress!What a wonderful thing it must have been to work professionally as a theatre/historic costumer. So much better than the corporate offices I whither in. And the Queenie father is nothing short of a saint. Warmest hugs and all Hallows wishes, Mina

Jennifer said...

What an amazing job you did! He is such a sweetheart, donating his time like that. What a lovely post Queenie!

Carole said...

Queenie, that is amazing! I am so impressed and awed by your costume sewing!
He makes a cute clown.

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow! You did a great job on the clown costume! You're so talented and what a great thing to do.
Hugs, Cindy

Michele said...

super awesome! xo

Anonymous said...

Queenie, I'm catching up with all the goodies I've missed. This is an amazing costume you've made. I absolutely LOVE the pattern. You are so talented, and add a good cause to it ... can't get any better.

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