Thursday, September 6, 2012

Longing For A Bike Ride

We are in the dog days of summer at Hermoso Castillo with temperatures soaring into the stratosphere, well beyond the roasting ancho chilies on asphalt mark. Here in Arizona during the second half of summer we have the monsoon season which dumps humidity into the pot with those high temps making inside air conditioning Queenie and her court’s very best friend.  
Alas, the combo platter of extreme heat and humidity put a halt to our early morning bike rides for August and part of September.
Longing for a bike ride and flipping through snaps, it occurred to me that I had not shared photos of the new bikes Queenie and Honey Man gifted each other for our birthdays/anniversary.
This is my fabooo blue bike, complete with a bicycle basket lined with puppy paws in honor of the Delicious. It’s ever so girlish don’t you think.
I even found a bike helmet that matches, styling!
Here is Honey Man’s bike, very manly indeed. Queenie offered to buy him a basket but all Honey Man did was laugh :o)
We enjoy riding along the canals in our area which bypasses the stress of navigating car traffic.
Along our route you will find several horse properties
And a farm with a whole menagerie including a herd of goats
And peacocks
Yes, peacocks! On that day all the boys were showing all their fine feathers.
I miss my morning bike rides. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the triple digit heat will relent so Queenie and her Honey Man can hit the trails once again.
Have a great day!
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AlphaBetsy said...

A new bike is going to be one of my first post wedding purchases. Though I don't think my riding view will be As cool. :)

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Queenie......what a great bike you have.....I have one that is similar only it is Orange....the only difference between us is this....YOU ride yours, dear lady, and mine sits in the garage!!@ lLOL LOL LOL Good for you....I know that it is still hot there....we check the weather every day for a departure time back south. Not cool enough, yet, though. But.....I do know that cool weather will be coming after Monsoons are over!..



Judy said...

Nice bikes...nice route...hope you get to ride again soon...

Stephanie said...

Great bike path you have...hope you can get back on your bikes soon!

Carole said...

Very nice bikes you two have! I hope your temps drop soon....our's are climbing again! Have a good weekend.

Michele said...

beautiful bikes! i hope you can ride them soon. looks like your route is great fun. i love goats & peacocks! xo

Cindy Adkins said...

Your new bike is beautiful! I wish mine was that "step through" style as it would be much easier getting off and on. I hope the heat doesn't last too long there. Our weather finally cooled down this weekend!
Hugs, Cindy

June said...

Your new rides are great Queenie. I hope you can get back on them as soon as the weather looks like you have a great bike-path there.
It has cooled off considerably here the past couple of days. Hopefully you will be back on the road again soon.

Jean Knee said...

I love the basket on your bike.

Victoria said...

Ooh, I love your bike, Queenie. I hope it cools off for you soon!



Katherines Corner said...

Love your bike. I have a bike posted coming up soon. The heat has been keeping me from riding too. I am hopeful you( and I) will enjoy cooler temps soon xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Queenie, this made me long for my old bike. I used to pedal everywhere when I was a teenager. Been meaning to get a similar bike to yours with basket and all, but bicycling in Florida is not always fun when you're not a child or a teenager. ;) The coming months will be more pleasant though, I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you for stopping by the shop, and glad you liked our backsplash. I've seen the copper finish and it's beautiful too.

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