Friday, June 8, 2012


“Summertime… And the living is easy…”
Queenie loves, Loves, LOVES Summertime. It has been and always will be my favorite season ever since Queenie was a wee one.  I think this is why the desert southwest of the U.S. is such a good fit for Queenie and her Kingdom.
All types and varieties of summer flowers are blooming throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Queenie and her Honey Man are now proud owners of bicycles and enjoy early morning rides along the canals. 
And when I say early I mean crack of dawn... While it is still nice and cool… Before the desert sun sky rockets temperatures to triple digits.  We’re talking hot enough to roast Ancho Chiles on asphalt.

Summertime also reminds me of family vacations in a car packed to the brim with camping equipment. Queenie and her Kingdom wish all those Summertime vacationing travelers safe travels…. And don’t you wish gas prices were this low?... Ah, those were the days –lol-
Whatever your Summertime entails may is be filled with living easy and love.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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artistamyjo said...

So far having a great summer here in Michigan. But it's been slow getting here!
Your morning ride looks fun.

Michele said...

have a wonderful weekend yourself Queenie! i enjoyed reading your happy post and thinking of summer. here in seattle it is in the 50s and raining so i might be a bit jealous... we'll get our sunshine eventually! xo

Lululiz said...

Thankfully, it doesn't get quite that hot here at our cottage in Bourgogne, France. Not sure I could handle it. But oh, the sun, what a difference a blue sky and sunshine makes to a day. Wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hettienne said...

I soaked up the sun reading your post. Here we are in winter. It has been raining for a week non-stop - it is icy cold, but when the sun comes out, it is so beautiful - like a new fresh painting! have a lovely weekend.

Jennifer said...

Lovely lovely Summerness Queenie! I can't enjoy it much these days, because I am a vampire :) Lol! I actually am allergic to the sun though. But I LOVE the garage sales and fairies in the summer time!

Carole said...

Your summer time photo of riding along the water looks appealing but I'd die in your heat! The cool basement is the place for me when the temps start to soar. We're still waiting for spring here. Enjoy your bike rides!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Queenie,
I hope you're having a great weekend--and the bikes sound fabulous!!! So fun!!!

rebecca said...

you are a radiant bloom in the house of summer!

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