Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arizona Centennial Art Quilt – I’m in the show!!!

When last we looked in on my Arizona centennial quilt adventure two majestic cacti flank either side of Arizona.

Queenie has since added the final elements, Cotton Copper and Cattle, to the top of the quilt.

Cotton at its peak, ready for harvesting

A pick and shovel to represent the Copper industry

And big bull horns to represent the Cattle industry

With the top complete…

Queenie had a full tilt, marathon quilting and finishing week of sewing flurry and fun. Just in time to submit it to the Arizona Quilter’s Guild’s Annual Quilt Show

About a month ago Queenie mustered the courage to submit an application and work-in-progress photo to the guild for entrance into their show.  This would be my very first quilt show. 

Yeah and Hooray!! They OK'd Queenie’s wee quilt. It is in the viewer’s choice Centennial Fabric Challenge category. Which means the attending public votes for the winner. Shameless hint hint to local viewers ;o)

The quilt show is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 8-10 at the Mesa Arizona Convention Center. For all the details click here.

In all the flurry of finishing I did not take any snaps of the final product, but Queenie will have camera in hand at the show and will post pictures a plenty after this exciting weekend. 

Now Queenie can truly see light at the end of the tunnel for this celebratory quilt.  

To see previous installments of my centennial quilt adventure, click here and then click here.
Have a really great day

Always, Queenie Believe


Wendy said...

G'day Queenie,
Congrats on having your quilt in the show. You have put a lot of work into it. Good Luck & I hope lots of visitors vote for it!

Carole said...

Congratulations to you Queenie! How exciting for you! If I lived in your neck of the woods I'd be there in a flash. Love your quilt. I'd vote for it! xo

Carole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LynCC said...

How exciting. :D Congratulations! That's a seriously awesome quilt, though, so it's no wonder they wanted it in the show.

Jennifer said...

This is amazing Queenie! I am so very impressed by you! I would love to be able to make artistic, homie, cozy quilts. Yours is particularly beautiful. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Oh wow congratulations on finishing the quilt and for being brave enough to enter it into a show.

I hope it goes really well.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Congrats! This is a fantastic quilt and a great piece of art. Good luck with the show.

Darryl and Ruth :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, Congratulations, Queenie!! This is a gorgeous piece and you must be so proud--it is fabulous, my friend!!! XO Cindy

Queenie Mom said...

You really did a beautiful job! Congratulations. Love you much. Queenie Mom

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