Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big Bed and Honey Man's Chair

Shouts of TREASURE!!! rang out around the castle recently for at long last the new furniture arrived, a reading chair for Honey Man and a big bed for both.

The first treasure to be brought to the royal bed chambers was the reading chair, thoroughly inspected by Minnie.

Surely this is a reading throne fit for Queenie’s Honey Man.

Next the mighty delivery men carefully assembled the long awaited big bed.

Queenie’s king sized dream bed full of design details to please.

Though Queenie is timeless, alas her visage has come to the point where comfort has merit…
Much merit…
Is necessary indeed

After the mighty delivery men completed their task it was to Queenie to adorn the royal big bed.  I asked my trusty entourage, Delicious if they would help. Alas, they did run with excuses of their backyard kingdom to be kept. 

With scepter in one hand and new linens in the other the making of the bed was complete.  Surely this is a big bed fit for royalty.

Ahhhhhh… To rest to sleep

Have a great day.

Always, Queenie Believe


June said...

It's a beautiful bed for sure!

Michele said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful tale. vongrats on the new furnishings. sweet dreams Queenie! all the best. xo

Victoria said...

Gorgeous bed, I hope you sleep well in it!



Gerry said...

mmmmmmmmmm... My reading chair!

Taluula said...

It's a beautiful bed. Sweet dreams.

Gerry said...

Meritorious comfort, indeed!

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